“Burger Club Hertog Jan card, 2019″
1. Burger Club “Hertog Jan card, 2019″ is offered by: Burger Club located at Nieuwe Binneweg 139A, 3014 GJ, Rotterdam.
2. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to use this promotion. 
3. Validation of the promotion is written on the back of te card or can be changed on this page.
4. The following offer applies during the promotion:
Valid the “Hertog Jan card” at the cash register or staff. When validation is granted you can order one burger from the menu and get a Hertog Jan draft for free. 
– Hertog Jan Combination deal can be obtained when ordering the following burgers: Burgers to choose from: Classic burger, Cheese burger, Juicy Jack, Deluxe, burger club (bc) , Hot ass , Hot-hot , Dirty burger , Bbq , Burger Club special , Nanet’s burger , Hapsburger , Sliders , The dutch weed burger (tdwb) , Naked burger , 4 Cheeses, Rossini burger, Chicken burger.
– This card can only be exchanged at the Burger Club: Nieuwe Binneweg 139A, 3014 GJ, Rotterdam.
5. Participants who demonstrably abuse the promotion can be excluded. 
6. The Burger Club reserves the right to unilaterally change, suspend or terminate this promotion.
7. This promotion deal is only for one shareholder.
8. Burger Club is not liable for any typing, printing or setting errors.
9. In cases not covered by these conditions, a decision will be made by the Burger Club.
10. In case you have a remark, question or complaint about this promotion, you can contact our service 010 – 8411582 (local rate). 
11. By participating in the promotion, the participant declares to agree with the above promotion conditions.
12. These promotional conditions can be found at

Version 1.0, May 2019, Burger Club